Motivation & Methodology

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” - Socrates

Although his flame smoldered away in 399 BC, his philosophy and academic methodology are eternally profound. Socrates viewed the human choice as the result of our endeavor for happiness. Additionally, he believed that the more wisdom we hold, the better equipped we are to opt for life-choices that usher joy.  He is also prominent for his instructional technique: the Socratic Method. As a tutor, this implies asking the student open-ended questions, specifically called probing questions, that steer the student's thinking in the right direction, but without spoon-feeding the answers. Through this process, the student achieves a better understanding of the material (as they arrived at the solution on their own accord), a reinforced self-esteem, and the student develops their critical thinking skills. 

The prior paragraph epitomizes my inspiration for tutoring and my method of instruction. I feel genuine delight from teaching others, and this sets me apart from most competitors. To me, this is a passion, not just a job . What also makes my service unique is my end goal for the student. I do not want them to mindlessly memorize formulas because they won't actually know what they are doing. Through my tutoring, students will see where each equation and formula derives from and will learn the intuition masked throughout mathematics. If you understand the underlying concepts, you will master the content.

"I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." - Socrates

P.S. I would recommend researching, if you have the free time and the desire, Socrates. He's really interesting, although we don't have much information about him. It also helps to understand his quotes. Cheers!